Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Marian Rivera, GMA-7's next fair-haired talent?

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Things appear to have been settled between the two biggest rival networks with the final acceptance that Angel Locsin is now with the Kapamilya of ABS-CBN.

And Marian Rivera's pilot episode of the Marimar remake last Monday rated highly with more than 36.6 per cent was good enough to salve the ruffled feelings of Kapuso network executives who felt that Angel is an ingrate.

Remember, Marian hasn't yet made her presence felt. It's the dog, Fulgoso, who has hogged the limelight and some other sidelight attraction that glued thousands of eyes on the boob tube.

With her initial telenovela success, Marian looks like she will takeover from where Locsin left--with much, much better result since she is definitely younger, prettier and more talented.

The beautiful and fresh-looking Marian says she won't go the way of Angel because she is enjoying the undivided attention and unqualified support of GMA-7 at present.

She says she is grateful because she has been given the chance to make her world better with the backing of a big entertainment channel until such time when she is able to stand on her own feet.

That's a promise for now, but will it stand the test of of time? Will her career manager beware of the mistakes that Becky Aguila committed while handling Angel?

With a well-oiled publicity machine working day-in, day-out to put up Marian up the totem pole, there's no doubt she will make it, unless she becomes foolish and allows fame and fortune destroy her at an early stage.

The public's acceptance of Marian as the new fair-haired girl of GMA-7 is phenomenal. Marimar's rating climbed up to 38 per cent the next evening which her studio wants to sustain until the series ends by January 2008.

Directed by award-winning Joyce Bernal, there's expectation that someway, somewhere along the way, some characters, some dialogues, some unexpected additional scenes will crop up to enable the Filipino telenovela version keep a good grip on the audience's attention the way the loved Lupin, Asian Treasure and Darna.(PNA)

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