Sunday, October 21, 2007

Marian Rivera , the current soap queen

SOAP QUEEN – Who’s the current soap queen?

Marian Rivera, no doubt. "Marimar," airing on GMA, is the No.1 show on Philippine television, at times hitting the 40 (and above) mark. "Marimar" may well be considered pre-sold as it is the Pilipino adaptation of the hugely popular telenovela with the same title. It made Thalia a household word.

Marian isn’t really that exceptional an actress, but in fairness, she’s getting better and better with each episode. But the real acting test will come when she transforms from the naïve Marimar to the sophisticated Bella Aldama. (See, this columnist is an avid viewer).

How about Dingdong Dantes, who plays Sergio, Marimar’s husband? Well, he’s improving. Keep it up!

It’ll be recalled that "Marimar," aired on RPN 10 or so years ago, started the "Mexican fever" on local TV. The first to air was "La Traidora," but it didn’t rate.

GMA bought the rights of "Marimar" for Angel Locsin, but she opted to switch to ABS-CBN, where she’s currently taping "La Loba Blanca" (The White Wolf) opposite Piolo Pascual. Nagsisisi ba si Angel?

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Anonymous said...

Congrats for Marian, it her biggest break ever in to the showbiz business, no doubt she is the queen of Philippine Primetime...

For Angel, its seem she lost an opportunity to keep her status as one of the primetime queen, now she has to prove she is, however in a different network...

If Marian maintain at least 30 somthing rating then Angel on her next soap should at least 30 something rating....we will find out how the Mega Manila people will response to her upcoming should be interesting if both show aired at the same time...