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Ang Babaeng Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang

Ang Babaeng Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang (English: The Woman Pulled from My Rib) is an adaptation of Carlo J. Caparas' celebrated graphic novel, which in turn produced a film version in the 1980's starring Vivian Velez and Eddie Rodriguez. In the TV version, Joyce E. Bernal, with Topel Lee, directs Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera in a story of destiny, secrets and deception.[1] The series premiered on February 2, 2009 on GMA Network.


The story is about Homer Alcaraz (Dingdong Dantes) a young businessman who leads a boring life, living a very monotonous life. On the other hand, Proserfina J. Valdez (Marian Rivera) is the exact opposite of Homer. She is a very mysterious woman whom Homer discovers one morning sleeping with him. Proserfina is beautiful, feisty, down-to-earth but mysterious . Her beauty and her unconventional, free-spirited ways immediately attract Homer. Proserfina's presence has changed the young businessman's dull existence. And when Homer decides to share his life with her, Proserfina disappears. Her disappearance is as mysterious as her appearance in Homer's bed.

Thus, Homer has to look for her not only because he loves her but to unravel the mystery of the woman.One day they crossed path but she vanishes as quickly as she entered his life. She was a woman full of mystery which has supposedly syndicate gang roots which Homer needed to uncover.


In the final, Proserfina, Homer and Ulysses Valdez (Mart Escudero) came on a hotel where Celina Valdez (Glydel Mercado), Proserfina's true mother was trapped, when Helene Barrientos (Angelu de Leon) called Homer in his phone, Proserfina and Ulysses were already in the roof to find her mother. When they came, they saw pictures of them when they where young in their mother's photo album, after looking at them, Ulysses finally found her mother, stuck on a pole, as he runs, Ulysses got attacked with Helene's guards, Proserfina tries to hide from Helene and attacked her when Helene was finding her. However, Helene and Proserfina are fighting. When Homer was trying to go upstairs, hotel securities are forcing him to not go upstairs when Helene command the security to not let Homer come up. Then, Homer fought the guards and continues go up to save Proserfina. When Helene shot the paint pail, Proserfina got tighten on a rope and hanging. And then, Celina attacks Helene and drops the gun when Helene fought Celina. Ulysses fought Helene and got the gun on the floor and shoots the rope where Proserfina was tighten, then he loosen the rope and saved her. Helene recovered and kicked Ulysees when he and Proserfina fell of the roof, finally they Proserfina and Ulysses hold the wood with a rope on it, Helene tries to shoot them but her gun is out of ammo. She uses a steel stick to cut the rope. Homer fought the guards near the locked door in the roof, he uses an axe to break the door knob and open it. As it opens, he found Helene cutting the rope, the first rope holding thee wood was cut, Homer stops Helene and pushes her. Homer tries to save Proserfina and Ulysses. Meanwhile, in a park, Jason (Kevin Santos) meet Aristotle "Aris" (Prince Stefan). Jason gave a chance to Aris to love Athena (Lovi Poe). He accept it. On the rooftop, when Homer tries to save Proserfina and Ulysses, Helene comes up to injure Homer. Celina comes up to save Homer and tries to stop Helene. Finally, Celina pushed Helene off the rooftop. As Helene falls down, she was killed when she fell. Helene was bleeding and Homer saved Proserfina and Ulysses. Celina hugged both daughter and son.

Seven years after, Proserfina and Homer were celebrating in a beach, with everyone eating, talking and playing. When they call the kids, Proserfina and Homer hugged their child with the mother of Proserfina smiling. After the party, Proserfina and Homer with their child sitting in a tent, talking and Proserfina thanked Homer about the last time. They've finally kissed each other.

Cast and characters

Main cast[2]

* Dingdong Dantes as Homer Alcaraz
* Marian Rivera as Proserfina J. Valdez-Alcaraz / Andrea
* Angelu de Leon as Helene Barrientos
* Paolo Contis as Rado

Supporting cast[3]

* Carmi Martin as Doña Hera Alcaraz
* Eugene Domingo as Yaya Madel
* Francine Prieto as Sheila
* Sherilyn Reyes as Galatea Alcaraz
* Lovi Poe as Athena
* Mart Escudero as Ulysses Valdez
* Jackie Rice as Cassandra Alcaraz
* Prince Stefan as Aristotle "Aris" Alcaraz
* Alyssa Alano as Yaya Citas
* Carlene Aguilar as Clarisse Morales
* Paolo Paraiso as Mike Villareal
* Kevin Santos as Jason
* Boom Labrusca as Greg

Extended cast

* Paolo Ballesteros as Afie
* Justin de Leon as NBI Agent Rommel
* Robert Ortega as Adrian
* Gene Padilla as Luis
* John Feir as Domeng
* Kiel Rodriguez as Ruel Alcaraz
* Girlie Sevilla as Rayde

Guest cast

* Ricardo Cepeda as Vito Valdez
* Freddie Webb as Don Apollo Alcaraz
* Renz Valerio as Achilles Valdez
* Ryan Eigenmann as Enrico dela Cruz
* Joanne Quintas as Detective Sylvia Torres
* Alvin Fortuna as Detective Marco
* Arkin Luciano Magalona as Young Homer
* Charlotte Hermoso as Young Proserfina
* Jace Flores as Anton
* Glydel Mercado as (Real) Celina Valdez
* Jackie Lou Blanco as (Fake) Celina Valdez


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