Thursday, June 4, 2009


Pinakamamahal (The Most Beloved) is a daytime drama series on GMA Network. It can be watched after Daisy Siete.It is produced by TAPE Inc.. It ends November 4, 2006.


The story begins with Martin, Carisa, Nanette, Amy, Jeremy and Lito, six orphans who form their own clique in San Juan Sa Krus, the orphanage where they all live. They are all unrelated, and as resilient children, they accept that they have no parents unlike most other kids. Their loving Sister Agatha tries to be there for them, having a special fondness for this little group. But the presence of the strict Sister Salve and the arrival of a woman named Elena, changes their idyllic life forever. A horrific turn of events include, among other things, murder and the separation of Martin, Carisa, Nanette, Amy, Jeremy and Lito. One by one, the children are adopted by different families. All that is, except Lito, who is left behind, feeling unwanted and abandoned. As they grow older, they must overcome the distance to reconnect and solve a mystery that could change their lives.


* Oyo Boy Sotto as Martin Padua
* Marian Rivera as Carissa Crismundo
* Pauleen Luna as Nanette Casayuran
* Danilo Barrios as Jeremy Dizon
* Danica Sotto as Amy Querubin
* AJ Eigenmann as Lito Arguelles


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