Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sugat ng Kahapon

Sugat Ng Kahapon[1] is the fourth Lenten presentation APT has produced starring Dennis Trillo, although it is the company’s first Lenten project with Marian Rivera who has had a long record of working with APT Entertainment Inc.’s sister company Tape Inc., having started in the afternoon soaps it produced a few years ago. This is the first time that Marian and Dennis will be paired together in a lenten presentation.


The Lenten drama is, for APT Entertainment Inc., a vow (panata in local parlance) to produce a quality offering every year on the observance of the Holy Week.

The drama has Marian Rivera playing Hilda, a housewife quietly taking her abusive husband Aldo (Gardo Versoza).

Having just moved into a new community, Hilda slowly finds solace in the company of her kind neighbors: Lola Salve (Perla Bautista), an ailing old woman, and her grandson, Sonny (Dennis Trillo), a man whose intellectual faculty has not developed with his age.

While dealing with her daily woes as an abused wife, Hilda’s maternal instinct is kindled by her friendship with Sonny. She volunteers to take care of him whenever Lola Salve has to attend to her own personal errands.

But Hilda’s bond with Sonny is soon questioned by their morally uptight neighbors. Lola Salve becomes seriously ill and later dies. Sonny is now left with no one to take care of him. The neighborhood council decides to send Sonny to a local psychiatric facility, and his friendship with Hilda abruptly ends.

Sonny manages to escape the psychiatric facility and runs to Hilda. Torn between her duty to an abusive husband and her selfless devotion to a mentally retarded friend, she hesitantly allows Sonny to stay in her home. Aldo arrives accidentally and accuses Hilda of having an illicit affair with Sonny. Aldo relentlessly beats Hilda. The violence triggers Sonny’s memory of his own traumatic childhood, prompting him to stab and kill Aldo.

The tragedy, however, brings new hope for Hilda and Sonny. Now free from the clutches of her abusive husband, Hilda is given a new lease in life and renews her bond with Sonny who is ordered by the court to stay in a psychiatric facility. Hilda has learned to appreciate her friendship with Sonny who, despite being a mental retardate, made her realize her self-worth and her capacity to love.


* Marian Rivera as Hilda
* Dennis Trillo as Sonny
* Gardo Versoza as Aldo
* Perla Bautista as Lola Salve
* BJ Forbes as Young Sonny


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