Friday, June 5, 2009

Muli (TV series)

Muli (Again) is an afternoon soap opera aired on GMA Network. The soap was part of the network's Dramarama sa Hapon program block. The show was aired on its last episode on May 18.


Muli is about an overseas Filipino worker named Lukas (Alfred Vargas) who left his pregnant wife, Racquel (Marian Rivera) in the custody of his Aunt Ason (Odette Khan) in order to provide them a decent life. He works as software engineer for a prominent businessman named Zul (Tony Eusoff) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Cheryl (Carrie Lee), who comes from a conservative Chinese Malaysian family, is set to be engaged to a man she doesn't love. She runs away from home to elope with Zul, her real fiancee.

Unfortunately, Zul changes his heart. He realizes he is not yet ready to settle down and running away with Cheryl can not solve his family problems or their troubled business.

Zul sends Lukas to deliver his message to Cheryl.

Lukas and Cheryl cross paths and they find a common ground. Will this simple friendship bloom into a passionate romance? What if fate separates them and leads them back to where they are supposed to belong - Lukas to his wife in the Philippines and Cheryl to Zul.

Will the power of love bind them strongly until destiny leads them back together again? Or will their lives take new paths and bring them new loves?


* Alfred Vargas as Lukas Estadilla
* Carrie Lee as Cheryl
* Tony Eusoff as Zul
* Marian Rivera as Racquel Estadilla
* Victor Neri as Jaime
* Odette Khan as Aunt Ason
* Daniel Tan as Lim Soon-Huat
* Alicia Mayer as Ria
* Gabby Eigenman as Alvin
* Renz Valerio as Joshua
* Ailyn Luna as Michelle
* Vaness del Moral as Rose


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