Thursday, June 11, 2009

Darna (2009 TV series)

Darna[1] is an upcoming Philippine television series developed by Alta Productions Group, based on Mars Ravelo's comic heroine with the same name. Darna is set to premiere and be broadcast in 2009 and to be shown on GMA Network. The show will be starred by Marian Rivera as the title role and it's alter-ego, Narda.


The first TV series was aired last 2005 with Angel Locsin as the lead role which made her a big star. GMA Network confirms that the rights of Darna is still theirs along with Captain Barbell and Dyesebel. Last January 2008, it was announced that GMA Network decided to make another version of the show but this time, it will be along with Captain Barbell. But due to schedule conflicts of Richard Gutierrez, everything was shelved. Angel Locsin, the first TV Darna, has transferred to ABS-CBN, the rival station of GMA Network in 2007.


GMA Network announced that the new styled Darna would be a mirror to Marian Rivera's personality, possibly featuring more comedy flavor into the drama plot. Rivera will also undergo mental and physical trainings.[2] Also, Galvante confirmed that Captain Barbell, another Mars Ravelo's creation, is going to be shown in the series.

Marian Rivera will be starting her fighting routines with a an expert on May 17, 2009. Unfortunately, it was postponed due to conflicts on schedule. She will also be soon trained on harness.


GMA Network, along with the Ravelo's copyright holders of the character, has unanimously chosen Marian Rivera as Darna. It was said by Wilma Galvante, the SVP for Entertainment TV, in an interview that the new Darna should be a real star because it is a prime role.[3] The Ravelo's said in an interview that Marian Rivera is the sexiest and most beautiful actress to play Darna. [4]

Two actors are considered for the role of the leading man. They were Mark Herras and Mark Anthony Fernandez but it was the latter who's more vibrant.

Cast and characters

* Marian Rivera as Narda / Darna
* Robert Villar as Ding


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